I am Creative Director of the Sky.com design team

We are a group of 30 UX & UI designers responsible for Sales, Service, Entertainment & Global digital design at Sky.

I have over 16 years industry experience in digital design, creating award-winning products for full service agency & client-side companies.

I create market leading digital products & experiences, deliver measurable business KPI's through user centred-design, lead teams & foster environments where creative ideas flourish / Download C.V. or View LinkedIn

Expertise in:

Design Leadership & Management, Creative Direction, User-Experience, Responsive & Mobile, Graphics & Brand, Concept Design, Integrated Campaign Marketing, eCommerce, Agile & Waterfall, Pitch & Presentation. 


Sky.com, Sky Arts, Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, Sky Movies, Sky News, Sky Active, Sky Games, Sky Gamestar, Sky Vegas, Sky Bet, Challenge TV, The History Channel, BBC, Formula 1, Flextech Telewest TV, MTV Europe, Hallmark, Homebase, Pizza Hut, BT, BT Cellnet, T-Mobile, Emirates, Microsoft, IBM, Dulux, RICS, NPI, Yell, Virgin Net, Janes Defence, DTI, DFID, Royal & Sun Alliance, SBC Warburg Dillon Reed, Euromoney, Elsevier Science, Unilever, Caterpillar

How I work.

Design is a collaboration.

It's the idea, the journey and the destination with all parties involved along the path. Staying fluid is key and rigid processes can distract from a clear, focussed team united on the next set of actions. Teams have a set of design tasks and tools at their disposal which they can use to research, measure, prototype and iterate through (as illustrated) - but most importantly are shared objectives and clear goals driven by the individuals and the collective.

Open & Shared Creativity.

I run teams that thrive on open and shared creativity, doesn't matter where the idea comes from if it works it works. I promote daily stand-ups and regular design catch-ups to keep the projects on track, and encourage UX and UI paired collaboration. My team and I run Art School Creative sessions giving time for play and lateral thinking, whether it's life drawing, instagram challenges, brainstorm techniques or master classes on key software - it's all about learning.

Design. Break. Design. Repeat.

It's essential to allow play, experimentation and exploration as part of delivery. Corporations can fear this as it seems costly, but Creativity and invention should always be included within project timescales as the benefits always outweigh the costs. I run teams that balance business plans, objectives and costs alongside the need to take an idea for a walk. Companies that embrace innovation, play and the value of design from the top are market leaders because of this, just look at Google. 



Some people have a day job. Some people live by their job. Kathy is all Digital and Design. She never stops, its in the blood.
— Steve Emery - Creative Director, News Corp Australia

PROCESS EXAMPLE: Blended UX and UI Design Tasks in a typical project